The operator of Bromley Council’s libraries has offered staff a two per cent pay rise to end a week long strike, but workers say it's not enough.

Library staff have been on strike over a pay dispute since last Wednesday (March 28) after advice from Unite the Union.

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) says staff benefit from leisure membership discounts and training and development opportunities.

GLL’s national libraries director, Diana Edmonds MBE, said: “I am delighted that all GLL Library staff have now been offered a guaranteed two per cent headline pay rise and that the lowest paid staff will all move onto the London Living Wage for the first time.

“We are currently in discussion with the union, and hope soon to bring this strike to a positive conclusion."

The statement added: "Library staff do a wonderful job and are highly regarded both by GLL and - most importantly - by our customers, as is shown by recent increases in loans and visitor numbers within Bromley.

“We have been able to keep all libraries open in the Borough during the current industrial action because only a relatively small number of staff are on strike – and we don’t want the progress we have made to be damaged by uncertainty over whether local libraries are open.

“Ultimately the success of the service relies on engaged staff welcoming more people through the library doors and currently, levels of staff satisfaction and engagement across GLL’s library staff are at a record high."

Regional officer for Unite, Onay Kasab, called the two percent pay rise offer a con.

He told News Shopper: "At long last they will put people on the London Living Wage, which is obviously good news and welcomed.

"But when you look at how many of GLL's Bromley workers will be affected, it's a different story. People on £19,000 would get a 2.9 per cent increase if the library was still operated by local government.

"The losses become higher as you go down. Some people would earn four per cent more if they were still in local government."

He added that library staff are suffering and the pay dispute is having a significant impact on their finances.

According to Mr Kasab, staff are willing to strike indefinitely until a better deal is offered.

Mr Kasab concluded: "The ball is very much in their court. We will stay striking no matter how long it takes."

GLL took over the libraries from Bromley Council in November 2017, and say visitor rates have increased since.