Lewisham Council has shared its vision for rail in the borough, which includes ‘metroisation’ and a Brockley interchange, to “right historic wrongs”.

Council officer Simon Moss presented the report at the sustainable development select committee, following concerns current rail networks will not cater for Lewisham’s growth.

A proposal included the creation of an interchange between the east London line and the Lewisham-Victoria line at what would be called Brockley interchange.

He said: “Brockley interchange is an idea included in the vision, and is something we have been pushing.”

Metroisation would mean more regular services with passengers relying more on interchanges to reach their destination.

Councillor Liam Curran welcomed the report, which he hoped would “right historic wrongs” against south-east London in regards to rail transport.

He said: “We just successfully lobbied to get the South Circular Road moved. Now we have some agreement on the Bakerloo line, and it’s 80 years since an extension to south-east London was mooted.

“The east London line, we started lobbying in the 80s, and it wasn’t going to happen and then by 2010 it had happened.”

Councillor Sophie McGeevor highlighted the changes the extension to the east line brought to Brockley in 2010.

She said: “I am excited for a future well connected Lewisham, we have really felt the difference in Brockley since we got the Overground,  it was totally transformed.”

Mr Moss said the proposals did not have any target dates because there were many things the council could not control.

He said: “It is a changing industry and we don’t really control a great deal what goes on so its only our voice we can put to things. 

“We know the programme for Bakerloo line extension, but the Brockley interchange we don’t have dates for.”