Footage obtained by the News Shopper shows confusion amongst clubbers as they were ordered to evacuate Blake’s nightclub following a serious incident on Saturday night.

A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following the incident, which took place shortly before midnight on March 17.

In the video, the lights have been turned on and music has been stopped as the evacuation is announced.

News Shopper: The car was driven into the smoking area of Blake's in Gravesend. Photo: PA/Sonny PowarThe car was driven into the smoking area of Blake's in Gravesend. Photo: PA/Sonny Powar

(Image credit: PA/Sonny Powar)

A staff member at the club then takes over the microphone asks people to “leave the venue.”

He says: “I repeat: We have had a serious emergency” before telling people again to leave the building.

He continues: “We’re very sorry but this is an emergency.”

Confused shouting and screaming can be heard in the background as the announcement is made.

Thirteen people were taken to hospital after the car ploughed into the Gravesend nightclub just before midnight on Saturday.

News Shopper:

Kent Police believes the driver of the car had been thrown out of the club for fighting.

Several people suffered broken bones but none of the injuries are said to be life threatening.

On its Facebook page, the club released a statement thanking the emergency services: “Blake's would like to thank the Kent Police, Fire Brigade and Emergency services for their Swift response last night and continued support.

“We would also like to thank our door staff who risked their lives for the safety of everyone in the venue and according to the police ensured the incident did not become fatal.”

The club reopened yesterday to allow partygoers to collect their belongings.