Your phone can do some really useful things - it's not just good for playing games and watching cat videos.

There are loads of practical but hidden features that you might not know about.

The experts at online smartphone retailer, have revealed their top eight useful, yet widely unknown, smartphone features.

1. Respond with a tilt of the head

This iPhone feature lets users control their phone with a simple tilt of the head in front of the camera, activating features such as Siri voice control.

To use it, go to your accessibility settings and tap 'Switch Control' to enable. Then, select Switches – Camera – Head Movement and select what you want to happen and before you know it, everyone will be convinced you actually have magic powers.

2. Customise vibration alert patterns

Bored of the same old buzz? You can create custom vibration patterns in your ringtones and alerts settings on iPhones – just like when you used to compose your own polyphonic ringtones.

You can even create custom patterns per contact, by selecting the contact, going to edit and then selecting the vibration option. For Android users, you can do the same thing by downloading the Contact Vibrate app.

3. Take multiple photos at once

This feature is particularly useful when photographing moving objects like cars, children or pets. For iPhone users, just hold the 'Volume Up' button to begin taking continuous snaps (iPhones will take around ten photos per second).

All the pictures will be saved to your camera roll, allowing you to select the best one. This can also be done with Android phones via the Fast Burst Camera app.

4. Use the power button to end the call

Given that the iPhone’s power button is the easiest one to press while on a call, this feature definitely makes sense. To use it, simply go to accessibility settings and switch on the ‘power button to end call’ option.

You can also send unwanted callers straight to voicemail by pressing the button twice. For Android users, you can also set your phone to decline the call or silence by turning it over.

5. Save your data allowance by limiting apps

If you’re just a couple of weeks into the month and your data usage is already getting pretty high, fear not. Simply go to your mobile data settings and select which apps should only use data when connected to WiFi, saving your allowance for the important things like listening to music on the commute or looking at pictures of puppies on Instagram.

6. Close all your Safari pages at once

If you’re an iPhone user and having 50+ tabs open on Safari at once fills you with dread, then this feature is for you. Hold down the square icons in the bottom left corner and it will give you the option to close all of your tabs at once. Voila – crisis averted.

7. Use your phone as a scientific calculator

Given that a good quality scientific calculator can cost anything up to £100, this feature could be a real money saver. To use it, you have to disable portrait lock, open your calculator app, and tilt your phone horizontally.

8. Shake to undo

Accidentally deleted an important email? No need to panic, as this feature allows you to instantly undo the action, although it’s just for iOS systems at the moment. Just switch it on in your accessibility settings and you will be able to instantly undo any unwanted action by simply giving your phone a shake.