The severe weather warning for snow in London this weekend has been increased to amber and here is what you need to know.

The Met Office originally had a yellow warning for snow covering London on Sunday but there is now an amber warning for the entire weekend.

There is a 95% chance of very heavy snow across London and Kent so it might be time to get the hats and gloves back out.

Londoners were warned at the beginning of the week that a Siberian wind would bring a flurry of snow across central parts of the country.

Aiden McGivern, a Met Office weatherman warns that London should be prepared because of the force the snow is advancing.

The Met Office is warning that roads and pavements will be particularly dangerous if left untreated and we should all take extra care when travelling.

The snow will most certainly affect the trains so plan extra time when travelling this weekend.

The Beast from the East battered the UK a couple of weeks ago with red weather warnings being used for the first time ever, trains froze to the tracks and houses were left without power.