Walkers in a Plumstead park this morning were greeted by some artwork carved into the green by moped riders.

Residents have been speculating what these Nazca Lines-inspired vandals could have been drawing – whether it is intended to be a rocket or alien crop circle.

Look, let’s stop pretending here: It’s a penis. Some moped riders drew a giant penis into the grass in Rockliffe Gardens.

The artwork did little to amuse council staff, with Councillor Jackie Smith, cabinet member for community safety and environment, urging people to report any suspected perpetrators to them.

She said: “We have worked hard with local residents to restore the gardens so this vandalism carried out by a moped or motorbike rider is a massively disappointing to both the Council and community.

“Our parks officers are working to repair the damage immediately and our wardens from community safety will be investigating this.”

“The Council launched a major campaign to crack down on the anti-social use of mopeds and motorbikes in parks in response to concerns expressed by the community.”

Residents commenting on the photos after they were posted on local Facebook group Plumstead People were as amused as they were annoyed.

Robert Moore wrote: “It could have been the new Cerne Abbas Giant had they took the effort to complete it. Could have been a new tourist attraction and injected a lot of money into the area.”

Riki Neill wrote: “I'm actually going to head out to see this, that's sort of hilarious. Obviously annoying for the gardeners, but hilarious.”

Jude Crowley had maybe the best response: “They should rename it Cockliffe Gardens.”