Ambitious plans for increasing transport links in Greenwich are to be revealed to combat an expected 53,000 increase in population.

A report due to be heard by a planning committee at Greenwich Council has said the council will lobby for an extension of the DLR into Eltham and past Thamesmead to Abbey Wood as part of its plans for better transport by 2031.

A rapid population growth, combined with a big tourist industry, has meant that the council is now looking at ways to improve on transport links.

One "aspiration" that has been outlined in the report is to look into getting the DLR extended further than just Thamesmed - all the way through to Abbey Wood.

An extension to Thamesmead was touted by the Mayor of London in 2016, but according to the council's new strategy, they would investigate it being extended further south east.

The number of residents using the DLR in Greenwich has increased compared to the rest of London, and the council are planning to press for an ambitious extension.

The report said the council's ambition is to "work closely with TfL and the GLA to deliver the Mayor of London’s commitment to extending the DLR to Thamesmead" and to "investigate potential for further extensions beyond Thamesmead including to Abbey Wood."

Abbey Wood will be served by the Elizabeth Line and Crossrail from December this year, but will also see a large growth in housing numbers.

According to the report, the extension would be good for growth, the environment, and improve access - but would carry a high cost for the council.

This would be the 7th extension in the network’s 29 year history and would support development of around 17,000 new homes across Newham and Greenwich in the next 10 years.

Another goal for the council could be to press for further extensions to the DLR from Greenwich Peninsula to Falcon Wood, with the report saying: " Lobby TfL and other partner organisations to deliver north/south DLR link through the Borough.

It is suggested that the council will also pressure the government to extend Crossrail through to Dartford and Ebbsfleet - a move that Dartford Council has called before please.

The report said: "Work closely with key partner organisations to deliver this extension in the earliest possible timeframe. An extension eastwards into Kent further supports the development of the ‘City in the East’ and is supported by the Royal Borough.

"An extension of Crossrail 1 to Ebbsfleet and Gravesend, in Kent, will improve the accessibility and efficiency of travel to/from central London. It will also provide additional capacity which will relieve crowding on existing rail routes."

Bexley Council's own recently published growth strategy also relies on an extension of Crossrail, and the DLR through to Belvedere, to support the delivery of 30,000 new homes.

The Council's transport strategy is set to be debated next Wednesday night - and it will then be consulted on. 

Officers worked with public transport planning consultants Steer Davies Gleave.