Our weekly weekend treat could contain more salt than a Big Mac, according to new research - still fancy a Chinese this weekend?

Action on Salt has revealed that some of our favourite takeaway treats actually contain five times more salt then a meal from Maccy’s.

Now, we all know that they are called treats for a reason, but many of us are completely unaware of how bad they actually are.

Campaign group, Action for Salt are trying to increase awareness and asking people to be mindful when picking up their weekend meal.

The daily adult recommendation for salt intake is 6g, but some main dishes from your local Chinese restaurant contain at least 12g, and this isn’t including the sides.

We don’t need to remind you that too much salt increases your blood pressure, but it can also put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Public Health England are campaigning to encourage the food industry to cut salt levels in a bid to combat the issue.

So who are the guilty ones?

Beef in black bean sauce

This has been proven to be the most salty dish on nearly all Chinese menus. One restaurant Action for Salt tested had a whopping 11.5g of salt, which is nearly double the daily recommended amount.

Egg Fried Rice

It may be tasty but adding egg fried rice to your order tips your daily intake into the red zone. The fried rice adds an extra 2.3 to 5.3g of salt to your meal.

Dipping sauces

The innocent act of dipping a spring roll into your sweet and sour sauce could be doing you more harm than good. The research found that Chinese dipping sauces were five times saltier than seawater. These alone are adding 4g extra of salt to your meal.

So, what should you order?

NHS advice suggests that steamed dishes are the best option, but stir-fries are also fine, because they're usually lower in fat and include vegetables.

These somehow don’t sound as appealing, do they?