A Plumstead bus driver received praise on social media for helping out a woman in need, but many were afraid the publicity would leave her without a job.

When running down Plumstead Common Road after midnight, Maria Lennon was shocked when a bus pulled over to pick her up between stops.

Maria was so impressed by the display of kindness she took a picture of Anna the bus driver and posted in on the Facebook group Plumstead People praising her for picking her up.

She wrote: “Thank you Anna for being kind to a woman on her own at a rather late hour. I'm safe home and have to go to bed now but I shall contact TFL later today to convey my appreciation.

“Too many people are quick to complain but slow to praise. I praise and thank you Anna.”

Posters were full of praise for Anna, but many people believed publicising such a story would lead to her being disciplined at her job.

Peter Kennedy wrote: “Congratulations to the lovely Anna. But the company probably have a rule that the driver cannot let on passengers between stops and by contacting TFL the lovely Anna may be reprimanded rather than commended.”

News Shopper were able to get into contact with the lauded-bus driver and she explained that she would not get in trouble as picking up Maria between stops was safe to do so.

Anna-Maria Florean drives the number 51 bus and admitted English was not her first language but said she was blown away by the response she received.

She said: “I was pleasantly surprised when I went in the next day to work and all my colleagues congratulated me.

“When I checked the post online I couldn't believe how many people left a message and family members and friends contacted me to say well done Anna, we are so proud of you.

“It feels so good when people appreciate our hard work, thanks a lot all of you.”