A funeral home is collecting Easter eggs for Bexley food bank to deliver later this year.

Bexley Funeral Service, who collected for a local hospital last year, is advertising for people to drop Easter eggs into the home for the children who rely on the bank.

Karen Emmett, an employee at the funeral home, said: “It’s a worthwhile cause in the local area. We try to do community work in the local area when we can.”

Last year they collected 30 eggs, but Karen hopes this year will exceed last year’s total. So far, 16 eggs have been donated.

She has encouraged as many people as possible to bring chocolate eggs into the funeral home.

After the success of last year’s collection, Karen was keen to collect again this year.

“Children in the families who use the food bank might not receive any eggs,” she said.

She added: “Last year, the food bank couldn’t give Easter eggs to all the children”