A charity worker from Bexley has decided to climb Mount Everest in a bid to raise £20,000 for Alzheimer’s Society.

Twenty-six year old Anna Ward and friend Hayley Woodyatt will be jetting off to Nepal this Saturday, March 17, to begin the 115km trek.

Ms Ward said: “It’s just something I’ve never done before. Pushing myself will be interesting.

“We’re not expecting it to be easy. I don’t really know what to expect and that’s what makes it exciting.”

Anna has been working for Alzheimer’s Society since 2013. She began as a volunteer and now works in the Will To Remember service, which helps people suffering with dementia to write their wills.

While trekking, Anna will be thinking of the people she has met while working with the charity. She has been particularly impacted by Don Day, who cared for his wife when she was suffering from dementia.

“He is the most humble and appreciative guy", she said. “The carers are often the people who experience the illness more than the patients.”

The pair will be jetting off to Kathmandu on Saturday, march-walking for a total of 13 days, with a 10-day ascent and a three-day return. They will be trekking with a group of people and a guide.

“We will be walking in extreme conditions, at high altitude and will most likely return home two broken women.

“But we’re reading to put ourselves through this because in the sixteen days it takes us to complete our trek, 7,680 people will develop dementia and there is currently no cure.”

Although the trek will be tough, Anna is most looking forward to meeting and getting to know other people: “I want to hear why they are trekking. It’s going to be a bonding experience,” she said.

After they have completed the trek, both Anna and Hayley have self-funded an extra two days in Nepal to do some sightseeing.

“Well, I’m probably never going to be there again!” she said.