Bromley community groups have pulled together to raise £430,000 to improve the borough's green spaces.

The money was raised last year and will contribute to secure grants and other funding for green spaces across Bromley.

Friends of Parks groups, Allotment Associations and Delegated Sports Managers are working with Bromley Council and its green space partner idverde to improve the Borough's landscape.

William Huntington-Thresher, executive councillor for environment, said: "We are proud to have an exceptionally large number of Friends of Parks groups in this borough. With idverde to support them, helping them with inspirational ideas and together through sheer hard work we are making a massive difference to so many of our much loved greenspaces.

"On behalf of us all, I would like to thank each and every Friends of a Park member for their support, which applies to the Borough’s Allotment Associations and Sports Managers too.

"Every week there are volunteers working in our parks and greenspaces, if you are interested in getting involved in your local park, have a look online and get in touch.

"The involvement of the Friends helps ensure each park meets local priorities and that the borough is a great place to live. There is a group near you which would welcome your support and together, we can and indeed are making a difference.”

Members of Friends of Winsford Gardens raised £15,000 to improve green space in Penge. This included a recent Tesco Bags of Help grant to create a pond and a dry gravel garden.