A Bromley candidate has emerged to run for the Women’s Equality Party in the upcoming London local elections.

It is the first time a Bromley candidate is running for the party, which was established in 2015 to campaign for gender equality.

Caroline MacVay is vying to represent the Plaistow and Sundridge ward for a seat on Bromley Council.

The candidate has lived in the borough since 2012 and started her career in nursing.

Speaking about the election, Ms MacVay said: “I am delighted to run as the Women’s Equality Party’s first ever candidate in Bromley.

“It would be an honour to represent the area. Bromley needs a voice that will champion local services.

“I would work with others on the council to push for childcare services to be improved and additional funding to help the victims of domestic violence in the borough.”

The Women’s Equality Party currently has 65,000 members.

On May 3 the local elections will take place.