A woman is seeking help to find the owner of old sentimental watches found abandoned in a ditch in Chislehurst.

Janice Pask, 59, discovered the jewellery last week when she was clearing away fly tipping beside Belmont Lane Allotments.

The watches - along with two disintegrated Chinese passports – were found in a tattered bag.

One of the watches was inscribed with a personal message.

Janice’s daughter, Sophie Pask, 30, posted images of the watches on Facebook in search of the owner.

The name Fred Golding was written on one of them.

Sophie told News Shopper: “It is such a shame, because they obviously have been burgled and dumped.

“My grandad had an old pocket watch which he passed on to my dad. We would be devastated if it was stolen.

“Someone out there owns the watches and it’s sad that they were left sitting in a ditch.”

The Facebook post has been shared over 650 times.

Sophie said she will not reveal the inscription until someone can prove they own the jewellery.

Police have been contacted about the watches and the passports have been sent to the Chinese Embassy.

Sophie added: “My mum was worried at first when she found them because you don’t know what people dump.

“She told me to see what I can do in finding who owns them. I am hoping someone will come back and say what is written on the back.”

According to an antique dealer, the watches date back to the 1950s.

Anyone with information on the watches can contact Sophie on sophie_pask@hotmail.com