A Brockley man has been found guilty of murder after stabbing another man in a drug deal gone wrong.

Neville Bowen, 24, of Breakspears Road, had driven to Hackney and picked up 20-year-old Mohammad Khalid on May 5 to take him to a drug deal in Uxbridge.

The pair were to meet up with Kyle Bowen and a friend of his.

Kyle, a 23-year-old from Hayes in Middlesex who had just passed his final exams to qualify as an electrician, had been with his friend when they hatched a plan to rob drug dealer Khalid of his cannabis.

Bowen and Khalid arrived in Uxbridge after midnight where they met with Kyle and his friend.

The plan was for Kyle’s friend to approach Khalid to assess the situation, but when he spotted the bulky Bowen and other men he turned around and tried to tell Kyle the plan was off.

Kyle though pushed past his friend and hit Khalid, at which point Bowen turned on the pair.

The friend was able to escape but saw Bowen and Khalid repeatedly stab Kyle.

Emergency services found Kyle with multiple stab wounds to the leg, arm, chest and neck and he was pronounced dead in hospital shortly after 3am.

Officers at the murder scene found Khalid’s Nike glasses and Bowen’s phone, which meant they were able to trace them and arrest them four days later.

Bowen, not related to Kyle, and Khalid were found guilty today (March 8) at Kingston Crown Court and will be sentenced at the same court tomorrow.

In a statement, Kyle’s parents Cosmos and Sue-Ellen Bowen, said: "Kyle was loved by all who knew him. He had no enemies and never talked ill of anyone. His murder was all so senseless.

"Kyle was a strong young man who never looked for trouble. He would help, support and defend people in need. He had a heart of gold and never held any grudges."