Photographers took last weeks treacherous weather as an opportunity to film the skies above a castle in north Kent.

Orpington based Black Manta Photography took a drone to Lullingstone Castle on Saturday, March 3, to document the first of the snow thaw.

Lullingstone Castle is an historic manor house in Eynsford.

Richard Stevens, who filmed the footage, said it took about 20 minutes to get all the sequences he had in mind.

He said: "It snowed all day on the Friday with high winds - both not ideal for a drone - so this became a bit of a wash out. Looking at the weather forecast, the Sunday was looking favourable, but the mild Saturday morning meant that the big thaw was already underway.

"I had a message from a friend of mine who also flies drones - he had received permission to fly at Lullingstone Castle before, and had been in touch with the owners regarding an opportunity for Saturday afternoon - I jumped at the chance as it was already evident that the snow and ice wasn't going to last long.

"Weather was a bit grey with a slight layer of fog in the air and there was a stiff breeze blowing, but it was slightly warmer, and the air was dry. "

The footage shows the route towards the main house, the nearby church, a low flight over a frozen lake and a zoom backwards from a window to reveal the gate house.

Mr Stevens is an underwater videographer and half of the team at Black Manta Photography.