London Fire Brigade wants more women firefighters as bosses launch a new recruitment campaign on International Women’s Day.

The campaign aims to challenge outdated stereotypes and to show that a career in firefighting is much more than flashing blue lights and fires.

London Fire Brigade is looking for the best people not the best sex, a modern firefighter should be just as good at speaking to an elderly person as they are at preventing and tackling fires.

Dany Cotton, London fire commissioner, said: “I do not want the old stereotype of a firefighter to prevent women from applying.

With around 300 women firefighters in London already, the team are hoping to boost this figure in the next couple of months.

“I also want to encourage applications from London’s different cultures and communities as London is a very diverse city, so our workforce must reflect the city that we serve.

"Firefighting is about teamwork, so having a complement of men and women is crucial.”

There are a number of recruitment days at fire stations across London in March and April giving you the chance to ask questions and do practice tests.

You must be at least 17 and a half, a UK/EU citizen and be able to pass physical, medical and eye examinations.

For more information email and to apply visit the London Fire Brigade Recruitment Portal on the website.