Seeing as the Dartford Crossing is a soap opera in itself, auditions are being held for a new reality show based on the town.

Soap, a club events company, will be holding auditions for a programme called Dartford Uncovered at Air and Breathe nightclub.

On the event page, Soap said: "We are hosting auditions for a brand new reality show due to start end of November. We've been contacted by a very prestigious production company to help source the next reality star.

"You'll need to come dressed to impress. Step in front of our camera men and you have 30 seconds to shine. Whether it's telling us your story or showing off a talent, we want to see it.

"All entries will be watched over and those selected will be asked to join the cast of Dartford Uncovered."

When contacted by News Shopper, Soap told us the details of the TV show are being "kept under wraps" by the production company but that the auditions are being held on Friday night.

A spokeswoman said: "It’s all going ahead though - it’s fairly simple - filming a quick question and answer session with people who’d like to participate on a one-to-one basis. Nothing too intimidating and very relaxed."

Social media users have been quick to express their excitement about the prospect of a Dartford reality show.

One user said: "Dartford Uncovered reality TV show will be gold."

Another said: "I’m finally going to get famous for being drunk and disorderly in Dartford and looking good doing it."