Plans to demolish an old farm in Swanscombe have caused a stir with villagers.

An application to knock down Alkerden Farm Buildings has been submitted to Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, the planning authority for Ebbsfleet Garden City.

Alkerden Farm is an empty farm surrounded by fields which, according to the planning documents, would be scrapped.

The site is bounded by the A2, close to Bean, north of Swanscombe.

The plans have not been given the green light yet, and several residents have objected to the scheme.

One objector, Sandra Buchanan, said: "Too much of Swanscombe is being destroyed, the whole character of the place is changing and not for the better.

"These farm buildings are part of the community's heritage and should be left alone."

Another campaigner, Sheralyn Picton, said: "Do not feel this is necessary. We have enough property developers taking away our historic places. Leave our green areas alone."

Under the scheme, six features of the farm would be demolished, and some trees and vegetation from the farm would also be removed.

The plans have been submitted to EDC, which is developing the garden city that is estimated to develop in as many as 15,000 homes in open spaces between Dartford and Gravesham.