Bogus police officers have been trying to scam residents in West Kingsdown.

A warning has been issued by Kent Police after fraudsters made calls on Tuesday (March 6), trying to trick residents into giving bank details out.

One victim was called by a someone pretending to be a detective from Hammersmith police station.

The sham cop told the victim two offenders had been arrested with his credit cards and asked if he had lost any. The victim replied saying he had not and then hung up.

Another resident was also contacted by a fake police officer, this time pretending to be from the Met.

The caller said a person had been arrested in London with a cloned credit card and asked for their bank details. The victim hung up.

Chief Inspector Tony Dyer said: 'These residents correctly declined to share any information with the callers and prevented their money being put a risk.

"I am pleased they were able to spot the signs and I would urge anybody who receives a similar call to terminate it straight away."

Kent Police has offered advice for residents to avoid becoming a victim to scammers:

- If you receive one of these calls end it immediately without providing information.

- If you wish to call your bank use a number known to you, not one provided by the caller. Call from another phone, or call a friend first to ensure the offenders have been disconnected from your line.

- If you’ve handed over any personal bank details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.