A fraudster who conned his way into a council house has been ordered to repay more than £87,000 to Greenwich Council.

Ademola Lojede, 34, was jailed for 16 months in 2015 after failing to tell the council he already owned a home before receiving a council house and claiming housing benefit.

Lojede told the council in 2009 he was living in an overcrowded house with his mum and siblings so was given a one-bedroom flat in Eltham.

It later transpired he had bought a two-bedroom home in Reidhaven Road, Plumstead, in 2005.

Because he claimed to have no other property to live in, Lojede was awarded the council flat and also received more than £19,000 in benefit payments before being prosecuted by the council and jailed.

After his release prison, Lojede repaid the housing benefit but refused to repay more than £69,000

which the council said it was owed in financial losses for having to provide emergency accommodation to others due to Lojede being in the flat.

The case proceeded to the High Court where, after a two-day hearing, it was ruled that Lojede must pay the council £69,842 plus legal costs and interest of £18,114.

Councillor Maureen O’Mara, cabinet member for customer services and anti-fraud, said: “Mr Lojede’s actions caused the Royal Borough to suffer a significant financial loss by having to provide emergency accommodation because he had selfishly deprived the council of a much-needed property.

“I doubt that when he first set out to defraud the Royal Borough he gave no thought to the possibility that he would serve a prison sentence and would have to pay almost £88,000 back to the council.

“Ironically even the £88,000 now owed would have been considerably lower had he again not been so selfish and stubborn.

“I am pleased to hear that an arrangement will shortly be in place to repay this amount and should he default on this then the Royal Borough will force the sale of his property and recover the debt.”