The parents of a baby who was treated at Darent Valley following an open heart surgery have spent months fundraising to thank hospital staff.

Baby Grayson Burdett was born with two holes in his heart and one heart valve, and underwent an open heart surgery when he was just one month old.

In November, News Shopper reported that parents Emma and Sarah had started a fundraising project to thank staff who provided life saving care for Grayson.

The tot was diagnosed at Darent Valley, and was back and forth there as he recovered from his five-hour-surgery.

Emma, 35, told News Shopper at the time: "We were having our first baby, and they try to give you information. It's scary being told about your son's heart valve problems.

"The nurses back at Darent Valley were incredible. We were basically living in this room with Grayson at the hospital, and they made sure he was ok and that we were coping with what was going on, and they went out of their way for him and for us."

Now, months of hard work has started to pay off and family have raised more than £1,000 to renovate the Willow Ward at the hospital - the ward Grayson was treated on - to make it better for teenagers and families who are going through stressful times.

Grayson's Project has included a street artist, Steve Wright, painting the Willow Ward and Sarah and Emma are planning on finishing the room off with new furniture.

Sarah, 32, said: "The project has been a real pleasure and we have been overwhelmed by the support it has received. Steve Wright the artist who created this fantastic piece of artwork is a really lovely guy and he did this work for us at half his normal rate. He did this because he really believes in caring for teenagers and giving them safe and fun environments.

"The play team of willow Ward do an incredible job and rely on donations to do it."

A spokesman for the hospital said: "Grayson Burdett was born at Darent Valley Hospital with a congenital heart defect and whilst on Willow Ward his parents thought the murals on the walls looked fabulous but were mainly aimed at our younger patients - this gave them an idea! They thought a street graffiti style mural in the teen room would make it a more inviting environment for our teenage patients, so set about raising money to give the whole room a makeover. They initially aimed to raise £750 but to date have raised a whopping £1,035.

"With the money they have raised, they are also buying new furniture and a television amongst other things. The room is now a great place for our teenage patients to chill whilst in hospital.

"We would like to say a massive thank you to Grayson, his family and friends and to Steve Wright for his wonderful mural."