Street Feast opened its doors last weekend as a derelict old market in Woolwich was transformed into a feasting arena.

More than 4,000 people dined at Street Feast over the weekend after it opened on Friday (March 2).

Travelling in the snow and freezing weather, the hungry would arrive and have their choice of food and drink from a variety of stalls, including local Woolwich hero Rust Bucket Pizza.

Jonathan Downey, Street Feast co-founder, said: “We had a great opening party and I loved meeting so many locals who were so pleased to see us come to Woolwich.

“We’ve still lots more work to do but the place is looking good and, after this freezing weather, we are ready for anything.”

There was a moment before the plans were approved that it looked like Street Feast wouldn’t come to the Plumstead Covered Market at all.

Mr Downey had threatened to pull out, saying “have your empty building back” when it looked like local police might stand in the way of their preferred opening hours due to noise concerns.

However the plans were approved by Greenwich Council on February 6 and so started the panicked process of getting the market open for Friday’s opening.

Street Feast will remain in the 86-year-old Plumstead Covered Market for up to two years while plans to redevelop the Spray Street Quarter rumble into motion.