Concrete tower blocks blotting out the cloudy skies above Deptford are the backdrop of a new Sky Atlantic drama.

The drama, called Save Me, is filmed across Lewisham, with a number of scenes set along Deptford High Street.

The series producer Patrick Schweitzer has said shooting in real locations as opposed to studios was worth it for the end result

He said: “Nick [Murphy, director] and I had wanted the spaces to bully us a little rather than us having it all our own way”

“Across the show, it produces a magic that we don’t believe could have been found in studio.”

The story is about Nelly Rowe, played by Lennie James, who alongside his friends is searching for his missing estranged daughter Jody.

Shots from the drama include missing Jody at the Deptford Lounge, and Nelly searching for her along both Lewisham and Deptford high streets.

Andrew Pavord, director for FilmFixer who help organise the on-site shoots, said: “Lots of the most dramatic scenes though, were filmed in Lewisham itself, particularly along Deptford High Street.”

Save Me returns to Sky Atlantic this Wednesday, March 7, at 9pm.