A Farnborough woman who claimed a single person’s council tax discount for over five years has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Rosalynn Gallacher, of Shurlock Drive, was fined £300, ordered to pay £550 in costs at a rate of £100 per month and a £30 victim surcharge at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on February 14.

Despite claiming to be single, the court heard she had been living with a partner for at least five years at her address in Shurlock Drive.

Her landlord confirmed Miss Gallacher’s partner was added to the household in August 2012.

Councillor Neil Reddin, chairman of Bromley Council’s audit committee said: “Having considered the available evidence it was agreed to prosecute Miss Gallacher for the single person’s discount offence.

“It is only right that we send out a clear message that fraud committed by cheats will not be tolerated. Those who claim for support they are not entitled to are committing fraud that represents a financial loss to Bromley Council. It is a waste of public funds that are meant for those in genuine need.”

In October 2017, during an interview with officers from the council’s fraud team, Miss Gallacher claimed to be eligible for the council tax discount because she was single and not married.

Her single person’s discount was withdrawn in August 2012, resulting in an underpayment of £1,873, which was included in her council tax account and has since been paid off.