Crystal Palace fans miss more football than anyone else in the Premier League because of transport problems, according to a new study.

The research – commissioned by coach service Zeelo – concluded that 27 per cent of Premier League football fans arrive to stadiums after kick off.

Palace fans suffered the most, with 38 per cent of them missing minutes of a match because of transport issues.

Selhurst Park was found to be one of the least accessible Premier League grounds – with only six other teams being harder to reach.

Barney Williams, co-founder of Zeelo, said: “It’s concerning to see that so many football fans are put off attending live matches and cheering on their beloved teams due to the travel issues involved in getting to the stadium.

“Football needs its twelfth man – going to live games is what football is all about. It’s so much more fun and sociable to go and watch a game for real, as you can’t match the same buzz and atmosphere in your living room.”

The Premier League has announced it will introduce a 7.45pm kick off time for Saturdays, which could result in more frustration for travelling fans.

Palace supporters who filled out the Zeelo survey said the most frustrating things about attending lives games was inconvenient kick off times along with parking costs.

Despite transport complaints, 27 per cent of Palace fans said they had missed the start of games because they stayed in the pub too long.

Travelling to football games is too expensive, according to 30 per cent of Eagles fans who cited this as the reason why they don’t attend live games.