The RSPCA has warned it is "stretched" to its limit as snow and wind continues to batter the country. 

The animal charity warned it has reiceved 300 per cent more calls this week than it usually does. 

Since the bad weather began on Sunday evening the number of calls to the RSPCA has dramatically risen and the charity’s National Control Centre has received almost 8,000.

RSPCA superintendent Simon Osborne said: “With the bad weather hitting large sections of England and Wales we are taking a huge amount of calls from members of the public concerned about animals.

“We are very busy with animal rescues up and down the country and will get to as many of the incidents as we can - but we are only able to respond to emergencies at the moment and we must also consider the safety of our officers in severe weather conditions."

The RSPCA has rescued horses that had collapsed in the snow, a cygnet that was trapped in ice and a cat stranded on a snow-covered roof in  the last week.

Emergencies can be reported on the RSPCA's website. 

The Met office has warned of more snow in the coming days as Storm Emma prepares to bring blizzards and bitter winds to the south of the country.