Commuters are being advised not to bother travelling if they can help it. 

London and the south east has already been hit with another weather warning from the Met office, and forecasters are predicting yet more snow overnight and into tomorrow morning. 

Rail operator Southeastern has this evening issued advice to travellers, telling them to avoid journeys. 

Southeastern said: "The forecast is for heavy snowfall on Friday afternoon and overnight into saturday and our staff will continue to work around the clock to run as many trains as possible.

"We are advising passengers not to travel if they're able to avoid it, and on Friday afternoon  in particular, please try and complete your journey earlier, as heavy snowfall is forecast."

A reduced timetable will be in operation again tomorrow with a number of stations not being served. 

Commuters are being advised to check their journeys ahead of time. 

Storm Emma is expected to bring blizzard conditions across the south of the country overnight and into the early hours of the morning.