The council has granted planning permission to relocate Bromley Market further up the high street.

A change of location for Bromley Market - which has been around since 1205 - has been rumoured since last year.

Bromley Council has now made it official - with the market set to move from where Marks and Spencer’s is up to Market Square.

The 46 pop up stalls will now be located on the pedestrianised area in front of the following units:

20 - 25 Market Square

29 Market Square

109 - 111

110 - 122

124 - 126

136 - 160

162 - 184

165 - 167

The market will continue to operate on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Bromley Council say the relocation is a "key element" to their investment in the town centre.

The decision to move the market was to allow space for an emergency path for vehicles like fire engines.

According to the planning statement - no shop fronts will be blocked by market stalls.

A worker from Warren James jewellers commented on the application: "Whilst we support the moving of the market stalls, having looked at the plans for the position of the pop up market stalls we would object to a jewellery stall being directly outside our shop.

"We are the best value jewellers in the UK and the location of another jewellery stall directly outside would not help our business."

A spokesman for Thorntons said: "In the past we've had market stalls pushed right against our window, and our customers think we are closed because of the stall placed directly in front of our door.

"We don't mind the stall being in the position that has been allocated but we would request that it is not blocking any of our doors/ windows and that the stall placed outside is not a sweet or confectionary stand."

In November - Councillor Peter Morgan said: “We’re making significant investments in improving the look and feel of Bromley town centre so it can continue to compete at the highest level and attract additional investment.

“Naturally, as part of improving the town centre, we want to improve the quality and performance of the existing market to help make sure that this much-loved market adapts and thrives in a challenging retail environment."