A pet owner in Bexleyheath has received a sinister note through her letterbox threatening her to make her dog stop barking or else.

The letter was a plain A4 sheet of paper with large, all-caps letters written across it with the message: "If you do not stop the dog barking day and night, I will!”

Amandip Kaur Singh, who lives in Langdale Crescent, received the letter on Tuesday (February 27) and now she’s afraid someone might come and harm her dog Sheru.

She said: “My dog barks on the odd occasion but this is not on. The letter shows how inconsiderate people can be.

“I have spoken to my neighbours and one has said that Sheru the dog does bark at night but it's maybe once a month.

“This would be because there are foxes in the garden or someone has come home late.

“Hopefully the person who has sent the letter will think twice before doing this type of act again.”

When Ms Singh posted her fears online, other commenters told her she should report the letter to the police.

Callie Rose wrote: “I would report it to 101, nobody should post a threatening letter through your door. If they have an issue they should knock on your door and have a civilised conversation.”

Ms Singh said she plans to report it to police and keep her eight-year-old golden retriever safe.