Small, local businesses try everything to make sure they get noticed, and this Brockley brewery has made it a tradition.

Last time the Brockley Brewing Company had an event to help with its newly launched Munich-inspired brew, it held a 'Brocktoberfest'.

By itself not the most eye-catching, but brewers Jon Travis and Steve Lawler busted out a set of lederhosen and dirndl to promote the event.

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The event proved such a hit last October, they've decided to make it a tradition and are launching their Spring Pale with another mini-festival and unusual promotional material.

Mr Travis said: "We were trying to think what do we associate with spring and the first thing we could come up with was bunnies.

"It worked well last time and it's now become a bit of a tradition. I think the serious expressions where we look like we're being made to do it make it."

Have we fallen for their ploy? Yes, but we did get to see two very serious manly Brockley brewers wear very cute bunny outfits.

The event itself, which includes a Wandercrust pizza van pitching up for food, is at the Brockley Brewing Company's little brewery and taproom on Harcourt Road this Friday (March 2) from 5.30pm to 11pm.