Lewisham’s roads are the most dangerous in south east London, latest figures have shown.

Data from the Department for Transport showed that there are more accidents on the roads in Lewisham than in Bexley, Greenwich or Bromley.

That is despite it having the lowest amount of vehicle miles compared to the other boroughs, meaning there are less cars on the roads there.

In fact the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads in Lewisham per miles covered by drivers is double what it is in Greenwich, meaning you are twice as likely to be involved in a serious accident in Lewisham as the royal borough.

For example, in Bexley drivers cover 584 million miles per year and only average 465 accidents per year, which is the fifth lowest in all of London.

Yet Lewisham, despite there being only 476 million miles covered by drivers per year, have had 881 accidents per year, almost double that of Bexley.

South east London in general have some of the safer roads in London with the non-Lewisham boroughs all ranking below the average for the capital in accidents per miles covered.

Erin Yurday, from insurance data provider NimbleFins who collected the data, said: “More than 9,000 miles of roads crisscross London, but not all roads are equally safe. Driving a mile in some boroughs is simply more dangerous than others.”