Police in Bexley have issued a warning after suspicious people in a van were spotted allegedly "scoping out" homes for burglaries.

Cray Meadows police posted advice to keep homes secure after a group of people were reported to the Met on Saturday (February 24).

A van was spotted in the Merlin Road area of Welling at about midday.

It contained several people who have been described as eastern European.

A spokesman for Cray Meadow police said: "The people in the van, both male and female kept getting out of the van with a dog, walking up and down the road looking at houses. It is believed they may have been scoping out addresses for burglary.

"They were challenged by a resident and they made an excuse about delivering a parcel and they then left the area.

"The van is very distinctive as it has a black bonnet and a large black VW logo above the windscreen. It is believed to have a foreign European registration plate that may have been altered."

Residents are being urged to keep their homes secure against opportunistic burglars, and to contact the police if the van is spotted again or its occupants are seen acting suspiciously.

Cray Meadows police offered advice to residents, encouraging them to keep lights on timers and to make properties look occupied during the evenings.