Social media has been abuzz with people finding these pretty coloured rocks lying around south east London, but where did they come from? Well we can bring you the answer

Children and adults paint the rocks the day before with patterns and designs, before placing them around the borough in key spots for people to notice.

Becks Griffin lives in Plumstead and brought the practice over from her neighbourhood in Sittingbourne and already groups are springing up across south east London to make and spot the rocks.

Plumstead’s group already has almost 2,000 members and new groups have cropped up in Abbey Wood wanting to make their own.

Becks said: “I am in other painted rocks groups in Kent and enjoyed painting rocks for kids to find. I thought I don’t want kids to just sit indoors doing nothing - I need to get the community out and about and enjoying the lovely woods we have in the area.

“When I started the group I thought maybe a 100 people would join and I placed a few stones in the area. Two weeks later and 1,600 members and it's just gone mad.”

The painted rocks have been placed around Greenwich, Eltham, Shooters Hill, Woolwich and Charlton, with more people joining in each day.

It might seem like a strange pastime, but 39-year-old Becks takes delight in the excitement kids have when they find them on the way to school.

She said: “I thought I was mad painting rocks but we all must be mad - the amount of children and adults that have got involved,

“We can’t believe how painting and placing stones in different areas would bring so much joy to children and also there been a few excited adults who have found some too.”