Cousins who came to the rescue after they found different people collapsed on the ground have had a taste of what paramedic life is like.

Aspiring paramedics Ben Crawford and Scott Winzer came to the aid of people they found lying on the floor in London.

Ben, who has been volunteering with St John Ambulance he was 11, said he seemed to come across a patient every month when he was off-duty.

The Trinity School Belvedere pupil said: “This time it was in December when I was walking through North Greenwich Station and saw a lady lying on the ground.

“Me being me I thought I’d go over and see if everything was ok. I then asked her a few questions and did a few observations.”

The 16-year-old helped get the patient into an ambulance and even did a handover to the crew.

He was invited to ride along and helped book the patient into hospital.

Scott, who has also been a St John Ambulance volunteer since he was 10, was on his way home from a football match when he found a woman on the floor at Victoria Station.

Scott, who attends Kemnal Technology College, said: “I came over and said that I was a St John’s volunteer and offered to help.

“She had belly ache so I did some observations, took some details and did a handover to the Cycle Response Unit.”

“This was the first time I’d helped a patient on my own, and it’s why I’d love to be a paramedic."

Ben, from Belvedere, and Scott, from St Mary Cray, were invited by LAS to tour the headquarters as a thank you for their heroics.

The cousins toured the headquarters, seeing the 999 call centre and paramedic Chelsey Pike who featured on the BBC series Ambulance.