Bexley Council is set to hike its share of council tax by nearly 4 per cent.

A tax increase of 3.99 per cent has been given the green light by councillors and is set to be formally passed at a meeting next week.

Speaking at a public Cabinet Meeting on February 26, councillor Don Massey, cabinet member for finance and corporate services, said: "We are proposing an increase in Council Tax of 3.99 per cent.

"We do have the power in put it up more but we've not chosen to do that. We aim keep the council tax as low as possible for as long as possible.

"We can only work with the envelope we are given, we must work within our means."

Cllr Massey said the increase will allow council to set aside a reserve for emergencies, and allow the council to support its growth strategy as the government begins cutting funding for local authorities.

Councillor Daniel Francis, leader of Bexley labour, said the budget showed the council had run out of ideas.

He said: "After eight years of cuts imposed by their own Government, Bexley's Tory councillors have recommended an council increase of four per cent while cuts to front line services continue.

"In the run up to the local elections in May, we will be bringing forward proposals which have been formulated by listening to and working with our residents. These proposals will aim to avert the impact on services for local residents, brought about by Bexley's Conservative council austerity programme."

The council tax increase is split between a two per cent increase for adult social care precept and an additional 1.99 per cent increase for other services.

The Mayor of London will be increasing his share of the Council Tax by 5.82 per cent, which means that Bexley residents in a typical Band D property will see their Council Tax Bill increase by £49.64 a year.

Bexley's share is set to be formally passed at a meeting next week.

How is council tax calculated?

How much council tax you pay is based on your valuation band, with Band D being the average home.

The total you pay is divided between:

Bexley Council, which pay for council services such as parking, fostering, housing, planning and rubbish and recycling.

An adult social care precept

Greater London Authority for services such as the fire brigade, Met Police and TfL.