Bromley shoppers have been warned that unlabelled fur items, which are made from animals, are being sold to customers.  

This comes after traders in Bromley were caught selling clothes, including hats and coats, which had real fur attached to them, despite being unlabelled. 

The Council's Trading Standards Team said that real fur is often used as it is sold more cheaply than fake fur. 

Councillor Kate Lymer, executive councillor for public protection and safety, said: “This is an ongoing issue and although many people believe there’s nothing wrong with selling or buying fur products, consumers need to know exactly what the material is, so they can decide for themselves. 

"Our advice is to always check before you buy and don’t rely on labels or price to help you decide whether fur is real or fake."

How do you know if fur is real? 

Real fur is tapered to a point at the end, but faux fur tips are blunt. Faux fur is attached to woven fabric; the base of real fur is the animal's skin, so it will be leather. 

It is illegal to mislead consumers into thinking what is being sold is not made of animals. 

Clothes made of real fur should include the following label: "Contains non-textile parts of animal origin."