A man from Shortlands believes his car is cursed after it was damaged twice in three weeks.

Brian Engel, 71, said his Jaguar XF was just back from being repaired before a "mysterious pipe" collapsed on top of it.

This was on Sunday (February 25) morning on Martin's Road in Bromley, where Mr Engel lives.

"It's not funny so I don't know why I'm laughing," Mr Engel told News Shopper.

"It is bloody annoying. And neither incident was my fault."

The first incident was three weeks ago in the Glades Shopping Centre car park when a vehicle reversed into his after the driver forgot to apply the parking break.

Speaking about the latest mishap, Mr Engel said: "Residents heard the crash as the huge pipe fell down damaging the car. It turns out to be something which vents out harmful gases from sewers into the atmosphere.

"That's the bloody thing that broke off the pavement and crashed onto my car."

The car has again been sent away after the bumper and lights were damaged.

Mr Engel also questioned the use of the pipes, which he eventually learned were owned by Thames Water.

He said: "How many other of these huge unstable pipes are amongst us? I can see another one outside my window. They don't have lights on the top. They are mysterious pipes. They could fall over anytime.

"A roof could be smashed, a child killed, an old lady or a dog crippled, the implications are endless."

A spokeswoman from Thames Water said Mr Engel will be sent claim forms.

She also said the pipe was a vent column, which prevents the build-up of gases in the sewer network.