Londoners’ email passwords could make them easy targets for hackers and put themselves at risk of identity theft, experts have warned.

Research published by Experian and Cyber Aware on February 23 claims although around 70 percent of people in London they asked fear hackers obtaining their personal details, nearly a third (31 percent) still use the same password for other online accounts.

More than three-quarters (79 percent) of those surveyed nationally share personal information over email, such as their address or bank details and, of those who did, 67 percent have not deleted them – making it a ‘treasure trove’ for criminals.

Detective Inspector Mick Dodge, National Cyber PROTECT coordinator with the City of London Police, said: “People might worry about cyber security but the reality is that doing something about it is often bottom of the list.

“The UK public need to take action. Your email account is really a treasure trove of information that hackers won’t hesitate to exploit.

“You wouldn’t leave your door open for a burglar, so why give criminals an open invitation to your personal information?

“Making one simple reset to have a strong and separate email password can make a big difference and help protect you from being the latest victim of cyber crime.”

More than half (55 percent) of the 79 percent group who share personal information online still have information regarding their passport or driving license in their sent items folder, while 52 percent still have bank or credit details, 66 percent mortgage or tenancy agreements, and 56 percent handwritten signatures.

Around 55 percent of those surveyed with an email account have at least six or more online account, ranging from social media to online shopping, reaching as many as 21.

Cyber Aware ambassador Dr Hazel Wallace said: “Cyber Aware’s new research has revealed the most popular reset people want to make is to their fitness routine.

“This is essential but when you’re making a lifestyle reset it’s also important to make a reset to your online health as well by using a strong, separate password for your email.

“Hackers can use your email to access all of your personal information by asking for a reset to your passwords for other accounts.”