Bromley council tax is expected to rise amid financial strains on local authorities.

A council tax hike of 4.2 per cent is recommended in the 2018/19 budget report.

This would equate to an extra £58.67 a year for bill payers.

Average Band D homes will pay £1,452.71 per year as opposed to the £1,394.04 they currently contribute.

This is set to be given the green light at a Bromley Council meeting on Monday (February 26).

Bromley Council leader Colin Smith admitted the rise was "more than anyone would prefer".

He told News Shopper: "Subject to the vote on Monday - it is true to say that council tax - including two per cent social care precept - will be rising by four per cent this year, added to which is Mayor Khan’s GLA precept rise of five per cent which we sadly have to collect on his behalf, resulting in an overall rise of 4.2 per cent."

Mr Smith added that Bromley received the worse funding support from government in London, but still managed to turn out the third lowest council tax in outer London.

He explained: "The funding differentials between inner and outer London, which sit at the heart of this conundrum remain just plain wrong and unfair, and our energetic campaign to force change in this regard will be taken to even greater heights during the course of 2018. The financial distribution system is bust and urgently needs fixing."

A spokeswoman for the Bromley Liberal Democrats believes the council tax hike will not result in better services.

She said: "We all appreciate how much financial pressure all councils are under at the moment, and we would not criticise the rise in council tax if we thought it would result in better services for Bromley residents - but we do not.

"Bromley Council have failed to plan for our futures both for our children's school places and the future of our town centres, they have failed to listen to the community when they call for safer roads and cleaner streets, they have failed to invest their financial reserves in local projects and failed to be open and accountable to the people who voted for them four years ago. "

Labour Councillor Angela Wilkins believes the council has been wasting money.

She told News Shopper: "What we do know, is that Bromley council has substantial reserves and investments. For the last three years we have put forward a Labour budget which prioritises people and services, not property and investments. We will do the same on Monday.

"There is clear evidence that vast sums of our money have been wasted because many Council services aren't properly managed and monitored.

"What our council actually needs is new leadership that recognises just how many residents are struggling and that it's time to focus on improving the way the council does what it is there to do: to provide quality services and protect the vulnerable."

How is council tax calculated?

How much council tax you pay is based on your valuation band, with Band D being the average home.

The total you pay is divided between:

Bromley Council (for council services)

An adult social care precept

Greater London Authority (for services such as the fire brigade, Met Police and TfL)