UPDATE: The pipe is now fixed. The road will remain closed to fill in the hole and resurface. 

UPDATE: Thames Water spokeswoman: "We have a team at Manor Road this afternoon starting the repair to the leaking pipe.

"The road is closed and will be until we’ve finished and people in the area may notice they have lower water pressure or no water at all for a short period while we complete our work.

"We will do all we can to get everything back to normal as quickly as we can."

A water leak has resulted in a Beckenham road being shut this morning after cars were skidding dangerously on black ice.

Kelsey and Eden Park Police tweeted: "A very cold morning today with black ice on the road. Manor Road Beckenham is currently shut due to a water leak that has frozen over causing vehicles to skid. Please take care out there."

Crashes were reported on social media this morning, although police told News Shopper they were unaware of this.

A spokeswoman from Thames Water told News Shopper: "We’re aware of a leak on Manor Road and are currently planning our repairs, which in light of the current cold-snap, will be carried out as a priority.

"In the meantime the area will be gritted to reduce the risk of ice but drivers should still take extra care."

Liberal Democrat candidate Alison Davis told News Shopper: "I reported this burst water main to Thames Water on 17th and they said it would be fixed no later than 19th.

"My neighbour reported it too, and I can see that others have too from Facebook.

"Overnight it turned into a black-ice slick. This morning at rush hour there were at least four police officers on Manor Road - stopping drivers from going in and out - not exactly a good use of our stretched police resources."