A student has been found guilty of murdering a 19-year-old man after a petty WhatsApp spat over who was "least gay".

Paul Akinnuoye, 20, from Tunrbidge Wells, traded gay insults with Jordan Wright in a group called 'Ice city boyz'.

Jordan, from Catford, was called a "batty boy" before he responded to Akinnuoye: "On your mum's life I'm straighter than you."

The argument led to an agreed fight on the evening of April 19.

Akinnuoye arrived armed with a small knife while the victim, who was due to start a construction apprenticeship days later, regarded it as a "fist fight ting", the court heard.

Jordan was attacked in Hervey Road, Blackheath, and died after being stabbed in the chest.

Part of the knife was left at the scene while the defendant escaped in a taxi.

A specialist sniffer dog located the red plastic, which Akinnuoye's roommates later confirmed as belonging to a set of knives.

Akinnuoye told the court he was at the scene but blamed someone else for the killing.

He was found guilty of murder at the Old Bailey and will be sentenced at a date to be fixed.

Jordan's father, Neville Wright, said:  "Jordan was my son, his death has changed my life forever.

"He was very loving, funny and a very caring person, as well as a very popular person. I think of him every day..of what he would have achieved in life - he is gone, but not forgotten."

Jordan's mother, Katharine Alade, added: "You don't realise until it happens to you how far reaching one moment of madness can be and what an impact it can make on your life forever. There is not one day when I don't shed tears.

"I didn't think it was possible to feel such physical, psychological or mental pain until that fateful day last April. I know I will never be the same.

"It is now nearly a year later and I still feel as depressed as I did the day I went to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Woolwich to be told that my son did not make it."