A prolific burglar who was caught by have-a-go heroes as he was ransacking a home has been jailed.

Devon Doyley was responsible for a spate of burglaries across Lewisham in September and October last year, until officers were able to identify him using CCTV footage.

The 53-year-old man from Tressillian Crescent in Lewisham was arrested on October 20 and charged with multiple counts of burglary.

He was bailed with an electronic tag, but that did not appear to deter the criminal.

On November 23, he was burgling another house in Sandrock Road, Lewisham, but was spotted by the homeowner.

The victim shouted for help, and as Doyley tried to flee, members of the public rushed in and were able to detain him until police arrived.

He appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on February 19 when he was sentenced to 51 months in prison for three separate burglary offences.

DS Neil Dickerson, from Lewisham police, said: "Doyley is a prolific offender who shows no remorse for his offending. The burglaries have had a huge impact on the victims.”