A small Christian primary school has defended its teaching methods after it was slammed by Ofsted inspectors for teaching creationism in science class.

Kings Kids Christian School in New Cross received an inadequate Ofsted rating and was criticised for its pupils describing gods from other faiths as “false gods”.

However, a spokesman from the school said it would continue to teach science the way it does, saying it offers a “broader and more balanced approach to science”.

Nigel Steele said: “We are keen to emphasise that we will continue to teach science from the creation/design perspective – a right we have as an independent school in England - alongside some teaching about the theory of evolution.

“Sadly this right to consider more than one perspective regarding origins is not enjoyed by government-funded schools.

"We are pleased to be offering a broader and more balanced approach to science that is free to consider following the evidence where it leads.

“Alongside the majority of Christians, we affirm a high view of God as the creator and sustainer of the universe and of all living things.

“We reject the notion that living things have come into being by a random and purposeless process in which God has played no part.

“We affirm the belief, held by many scientists both past and present, that nature provides abundant evidence of the hand of a designer.”

The primary school only has 25 pupils between the ages of three to 11 but is highly focused on having a strong faith ethos.

The school’s website boasts about children learning in a Christian atmosphere and says that “Jesus is to be in the centre of all learning”.

The Ofsted report, which was published earlier this month, said inspectors found children saying they should love people who are from different faiths, but in the same breath describing their faiths as worshipping false gods.

When asked about this, Mr Steele said: “The school does have a particular worldview but they are told to respect other worldviews.

“They are primary school children though. They are not going to always be diplomatic with their words.”