The mystery behind why multiple pipes burst in a small area in Plumstead over the course of one morning has been explained.

Thames Water said a single broken valve increased the pressure of the water flowing through the pipes in the area.

Each individual burst pipe was only about four to six inches in diameter, and Thames Water operate some massive trunk mains that can be up to 30 inches wide.

That didn’t stop these burst in Plumstead to create massive fountains six feet in the area, with locals comparing them elegant water features as seen in Venice or Rome.

One pipe burst in Voce Road, causing a spray to jet out of the pavement and into the air, while water also bubbled up through the road in Garland Road and Flaxton Road.

Thames Water said the repairs were complete and they are now working on restoring the pathway in the coming days.

A spokesperson from Thames Water said: “The three bursts on our pipes in the SE18 area were due to a broken valve increasing the pressure of the water flowing through them.

“We have now completed the repairs to both the pipes and the valve, and we’re sorry for any disruption caused.”