Parents in Lewisham will have a new place to let their children run wild as a new soft play area is set to be built in the town.

Plans to build the soft play in the centre of Lewisham were approved at a meeting of the cabinet

The new soft play area will be opened at the £20 million Glass Mill Leisure Centre, which opened in 2013.

Glass Mill currently gas a large under-used foyer space which was the proposed space for the new play area.

One of the reasons a play area was chosen was because visitors to the centre would often list it in the open suggestions part of feedback forms.

Children from between the ages of zero to eight are the target audience for the play area, with parents able to visit the café there.

Lewisham Council believe this will bring in extra funds, with parents visiting other facilities at the centre, as the council needs to make £1 million in savings to its leisure services.