Here are eight of the best coffee and brunch spots in south-east London for you to try this weekend.

Browns of Brockley - Opposite Brockley station

Even though this little gem is pretty tiny inside, Browns of Brockley takes great care and puts a lot of love into its products. It opens nice and early so you can start the day off properly with a breakfast roll and coffee. It was named one of the 30 best cafes in London by the Telegraph.

The Brockley Deli - Brockley

Now, these guys claim that their sausage rolls are the best in the world so you are definitely going to have to check for yourself. The Deli is a relaxed stop off that promises the best quality food, coffee and wine, and what more could you want of a relaxing weekend? It has developed a menu that satisfies all those hunger cravings, whether savory or sweet. It also sells a huge range of vegetarian and vegan food so there really is something for everyone.

St David Coffee Shop - Forest Hill

There are so many different things to choose from to eat and drink here, including beautifully poached eggs on fresh sourdough bread.

Royal Teas - Greenwich

The menu for this place shows just how important brunch can be. There is so much to choose from. You could have baked beans with melted cheese and Marmite soldiers or you could have salmon and poached eggs. Coffee is of the utmost importance and so this should be on your list of places to go this weekend.

Paul Rhodes Bakery - Greenwich

These guys deal in the detail, with freshly made bread and pastry every day. This is one if you want to cook at home but buy all the best ingredients for the best Sunday brunch. From sourdough to cakes, pop in and say hello.

The Waiting Room - Deptford

This is a veggie and vegan spot with everything you could want. Meat-free buffalo wings, hot dogs and burgers. It is well known for its excellent coffee.

Joe’s Cafe - The Glades, Bromley

Joe’s is proud of its no-fuss, yummy food made just the way the customers like it. From pancakes to eggs just how you like them to burgers and roast dinners. This is a vibrant place to get brunch this weekend.

Chaplin’s Cafe - Bromley

This is where to go if you want a good hearty breakfast. Chaplin’s plates of cooked breakfasts will get you through the day in the best possible way.