Council Tax in Greenwich is set to rise by 2.99 per cent as councillors prepare to debate the upcoming budget.

This is on top of a 3 per cent council tax rise, agreed last year, which is specifically ring-fenced for adult social care.

The full 5.99 per cent council tax rise is set to be debated by the council at an overview and scrutiny meeting on February 20, in a cabinet meeting the next day, and potentially finalised at the full council meeting on February 28.

Tackling homelessness and poverty in the borough is the main reason given for why Greenwich council tax has to rise.

In the council report, it is noted that they saw an unprecedented rise in demand for welfare and benefits advice and debt management support.

Sustained cuts in central government grants since 2010 is also listed as a reason why the council feel increasingly under pressure to raise taxes.

As council tax only makes up a fraction of the income for each borough council, each 1 per cent rise in council tax only generates £0.8m yearly income.