A lake has reopened seven months after a deadly virus was discovered killing fish at a rapid rate.

Danson Lake was closed in July after it was discovered that a deadly virus was affecting carp.

The virus, although harmless to humans, killed about 250 carp.

A fishing ban was put in place following the outbreak of the virus, known as Koi Herpesvirus.

The lake has now reopened and will stay open until March 15, when it will close for breeding season.

A Bexley Council spokesman said: "As a precautionary measure fishermen will be asked to ensure they disinfect all their fishing equipment at the signed points at either end of the south side of the lake before leaving site. This is to avoid potentially transferring the virus to other lakes or areas."

This was not the first time fish have died in the lake.

In 2011, Thames Water were fined after sewage contamination killed 3,500 fish.

Thames Water was fined £110,000 after a blocked sewer caused raw sewage to leak into the lake.

The lake will reopen after breeding season on Saturday June 16.