People who toss their pancakes have more sex and earn more money, new research shows.

So the question is, are you a tosser or a turner?

A nationwide survey has shown the majority of Brits play it safe and turn their pancakes carefully, with the help of a spatula.

But it also shows that 43 per cent of people are throwing caution to the wind and flipping their pancakes.

The study reveals those who turn are usually more introvert and shy, they tend to conform and admit to playing by the rules.

Some ‘turners’ said that “although tossing pancakes may be fun, it is messy in practice”.

On the flip side, those who toss said they did so because it’s simply fun and it isn’t Pancake Day until you’ve tossed.

The poll of 2,000 Brits by Clarks Maple Syrup reveals the average 'tosser' has up to 240 Facebook friends, compared to just 167 for 'turners'.

And when it comes to the nation’s sex lives – those who toss their pancakes were revealed to have double the amount of sex than those who turn their pancakes – twice a week on average compared to just once for turners.

So, are you a turner or a tosser?